Last year it was revealed that accessory maker Hyperkin will be the company behind the so-called revival of the original Xbox “Duke” controller. The controller is basically shaped and designed like the first Xbox controller, except that it would be compatible with the Xbox One console.

However pricing and availability of the controller was not mentioned back then, but now it has. In a tweet by the Xbox’s co-creator Seamus Blackley, it has been confirmed that Hyperkin’s original Xbox controller will now be available for purchase at the end of March where it will be priced at $69.99.

As you can tell, the Xbox’s controller has evolved over the years. The original controller was a bit of a monstrosity in terms of its size where you could hardly call it ergonomic. However this has clearly changed with each iteration of the console, and while today’s Xbox controller would exactly be called svelte, it does seem a bit more manageable.

However it is possible that this controller might appeal to gamers who are nostalgic, or to those who might have big hands and who might find today’s controllers a tad too small for their liking. Either way it will be available in a couple of months, so you will have at least until then to decide whether or not this is how you will be spending $70.

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