It seems like Blizzard’s decision to partner up with Twitch for the Overwatch League has proven to be a fantastic idea, at least as far as helping Overwatch become a more prominent title in eSports. Recently it was reported that in its first day, the League managed to rack up over 400,000 viewers, but it seems that the number is much higher now.

According to the official figures, it seems that the Overwatch League within its first week had managed to garner 10 million viewers, which as pointed out by, represents a little under a third of the total number of Overwatch’s playerbase which is sitting at 35 million worldwide.

Of course it is possible that not all the viewers who tuned into the League were Overwatch players, as some simply just enjoy the competition, but it is still a very positive and encouraging number indeed. Blizzard has also hinted that the number could potentially be higher, as the 10 million is said to represent the number of browsers/devices that were tuned in, meaning that if it was streamed at home at a viewing party, those numbers could be higher.

In any case it seems that Overwatch League is off to a great start and with the deal with Twitch expected to run for the next two years, this should go a long way in helping Overwatch become a household name like Counter-Strike and DotA 2.

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