What Makes A Good Esport?

The competitive video gaming scene has exploded in popularity over the past few years and it now boasts 454 million viewers across the world. It is an extremely lucrative industry thanks to sponsorship deals, media rights agreements, ticket sales, advertising and merchandising.

Intel To Host An Olympics-Sanctioned eSports Tournament In 2020

The Olympic games is typically home to more traditional sporting events. However, in recent times, it seems that the people behind the Olympic games have slowly started to change their minds, where a few years ago, they have acknowledged that eSports is considered as a sporting activity.

Dota 2 Championship Winners Took Home $15 Million In Prize Money

The next time you catch yourself telling your kids to not play so much video games, you might want to rethink that. Why? Because Valve’s The International Dota 2 championship has just ended, where the winning team, OG, took home prize money amounting to an eye-watering $15,603,133.

Blizzard Launches Discipline Tracker For Overwatch League

From time to time we hear about how some professional gamers exhibit some unprofessional behavior. This sometimes results in sanctions and punishments, and it looks like Blizzard is looking to keep a public record of such incidents and has launched what they’re calling the Discipline Tracker for the Overwatch League.


eSports Lineup For 2019 SEA Games Announced

Last month it was confirmed that eSports would be added as a medal event to the 2019 SEA Games, bringing us one step closer to seeing eSports being accepted and acknowledged by more traditional sporting events. Now it looks like the games that will be played during the event have since been confirmed.

eSports Officially A Medal Sport In The 2019 SEA Games

In the past playing video games all day was typically frowned upon. To a certain extent that is still true today, but nowadays one can argue that playing games all day could potentially land them a chance at a scholarship to the university of their choice, earn big bucks, or possibly bring honor to your country by representing them in global sporting events.

Blizzard Launches eSports App That Helps You Track Competitions

Blizzard has been pretty clear about its ambitions for eSports, and Overwatch is a good example of that. Now if you’re a fan of eSports and love following games and events, Blizzard has announced the launch of the Blizzard Esports app which will help gamers keep track of various eSport events and competitions.

Nike Has Signed Its First eSports Athlete

When you think of brand sponsorships like Nike, Puma, Adidas, or Reebok, most of the time these brands usually sponsor your more “traditional” athletes, such as football players, tennis players, boxers, basketball players, and so on. However it seems that eSports is becoming too big to ignore, and Nike is getting on board by signing its first eSports athlete.

Swiss Football Fans Disrupt Football Game To Protest eSports

eSports are becoming a huge deal with players having the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, earning themselves athlete-standard visas, and also earning scholarships to universities. However there are some who still don’t think of eSports as a “real” sport, or think that there shouldn’t be too much investment made in them.

ESports Could Soon Be Part Of The Olympics

Are eSports considered to be sports in the traditional sense of the word? That’s still somewhat up for debate as there are many traditionalists who beg to differ, but at the same time there are many, including universities, who consider eSports to be something that could be worth giving scholarships over.

OpenAI To Challenge DotA 2 Professionals At The International

AI has come a long way from back in the day where when you played games against computer opponents, usually after a while you can learn their patterns and habits and will eventually have no problems beating them. This is versus humans in which we can sometimes be a bit unpredictable.

Counter-Strike, DotA 2 Tournaments Will Now Exclusively Stream Via Facebook

Recently Blizzard and Twitch came to an agreement in which the Overwatch League would be broadcasted on the platform. This decision proved to be a huge success, racking up over 10 million viewers in its first week. Now it seems like ESL wants the same thing, except that with Facebook.

Overwatch League Attracts 10 Million Viewers Within Its First Week

It seems like Blizzard’s decision to partner up with Twitch for the Overwatch League has proven to be a fantastic idea, at least as far as helping Overwatch become a more prominent title in eSports. Recently it was reported that in its first day, the League managed to rack up over 400,000 viewers, but it seems that the number is much higher now.

Father Pulls Son Out Of High School To Help Him Become A Pro Gamer

eSports are a big thing these days, where gamers who are good enough can be granted a pro-athlete visa for entry into the US. Some schools are also recognizing the ability to play games professionally as an accomplishment like in sports, and are granting students scholarships.