Those who love their conventional watches don’t really care much for smartwatches. However, companies have been trying to capture that segment of the market with hybrid smartwatches. They pair analog watches with some smart functionality. A company called Ressence wants to take it one step further with the Type 2 e-Crown Concept which adds modern technology to a mechanical watch.

The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Concept has been designed in collaboration with Tony Fadell, the co-founder of smart home company Nest. The watch only requires conventional setup the first time. After that, the companion iOS app can be used to automatically set the watch to one of the two time zones using the e-Crown.

Even when the power reserve runs out or one has to switch to Daylight Savings Time, users can either use the conventional setting mechanism to make the adjustments or just tap on the watch face.

It’s capable of doing this as the watch is powered by both kinetic and solar power. It can automatically open shutters to reveal the solar cells when the battery percentage dips below 50.

If this watch has caught your attention then there’s some bad news. It’s only a concept and you can’t buy one yet. However, Ressence says that it’s planning a production version of the Type 2 later this year.

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