It seems like everyone is working on a virtual assistant these days. They’re all the rage and if you think Ubisoft coming out with one is just overkill, think again. Ubisoft has introduced Sam today, it’s a virtual assistant that’s meant for gamers. This makes perfect sense. Ubisoft is a gaming company, it doesn’t make smartphones or tablets, so its virtual assistant will obviously be related to gaming only.

Ubisoft has integrated a beta version of its Sam virtual assistant in its Ubisoft Club app. Sam will provide users with personalized tips based on their profiles. It can bring their attention to things that they’ve not tried yet in a game they’ve been playing. Sam also exists as a chatbot within the app.

It can help with queries about when a certain game is going to be released or how many hours you’ve spent playing Call of Duty. Users can just type or simply speak a question for Sam and it will provide the relevant details. Sam can also push videos, stories, and sites almost immediately.

Sam is available in beta on Android and iOS in the Ubisoft Club app in Canada only right now. It supports the English language currently. This is the first public test of the system’s accuracy and responsiveness. The team is going to use this opportunity to further improve Sam’s functionality. The service will evolve over time and will eventually be rolled out in other markets as well.

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