[CES 2018] With more handset OEMs starting to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, and how we’re also starting to see the same done to laptops (although not quite as prevalent yet), it isn’t surprising that we’re starting to see more headphone makers release wireless headsets to compensate for it.

However headphone maker Shure seems to be going in a slightly different direction and at CES 2018, the company has unveiled a $99 USB-C headphone cable replacement designed for higher-end headphones. Since audiophiles tend to agree that wired headphones sound better than wireless, this headphone replacement cable will allow them to keep using their wired headphones with their phones or computers.

However it should be pointed out that the cable has been designed mostly for Shure headphones in mind due to the connector it uses, although if your headphone does support MMCX then you should have no issues using it as well, although for the most part it will be limited to Shure’s headphones, but at least there’s an option out there for those who prefer the wired option.

Alternatively there are also dongles sold by accessory makers that are cheaper than this $99 cable, so that could be worth checking out if you’d rather not spend too much money.

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