Based on the rate that Nintendo has been selling the Switch, it has been suggested that the Switch could easily surpass the Wii U’s lifetime sales within a year and it seems that for some parts of the world, it is true. According to numbers from Famitsu, it looks like the Switch has managed to surpass the Wii U’s lifetime sales in Japan already.

For those wondering what the Wii U’s lifetime sales in Japan are, it is said to be at a little over 3.3 million units. Assuming the numbers are accurate, the Switch in Japan has managed to sell 3.4 million units to date, and in less than a year since the console was released (it was released on the 3rd of March, 2017).

Like we said, at the rate the console is being said, this doesn’t really come as a surprise. So far Nintendo has boasted that they’ve managed to sell 10 million units worldwide, making it shy of 4 million units in order to pass the Wii U’s lifetime sales globally. The console has been extremely well-received based on reviews, and was also named as TIME’s Top Gadget of 2017.

There are of course some criticisms over the console and its design and also some of the choices Nintendo made, such as making voice chat a separate feature from the console and requiring a smartphone app.

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