Tesla started taking pre-orders for its solar roof tiles in May last year. Interested customers put down a $1000 deposit and while installation was supposed to begin in the U.S. last summer, the process was delayed. Tesla appears to have worked out the issues that caused the delay because it has finally started manufacturing the solar roof tiles.

Tesla has said that it has started manufacturing its premium solar roof tiles at its Buffalo, New York factory. The company is now surveying the homes of customers who put down a $1,000 deposit last year for this product.

These roof tiles are capable of generating electric and thus eliminate the need for conventional rooftop solar panels. It says that these tiles will cost up to 15 percent less compared to ordinary new roof tiles with conventional solar panels. It has worked out a figure of $21.85 per square foot compared to $24.50.

They look like regular shingles and while not every shingle that’s installed is solar, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish between the two. Customers can choose what percentage of their roof tiles they want to be solar using Tesla’s online tool.

The maximum they can go for is 70 percent. It goes without saying that the more solar tiles are opted for, the more expensive this entire product will end up being for customers.

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