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Apple has come under fire recently over the slowing down of older iPhones with aging batteries. The company has claimed that this was done to provide the best experience for users, but at the same time they also launched a battery replacement program where affected customers could swap out their old battery for a new one for $29.


However it seems that their apology and battery replacement program isn’t enough to appease the masses, and now it looks like the US government has Apple in their crosshairs. In a report from The Wall Street Journal (via AppleInsider), US Senator John Thune has sent a letter to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, asking him about the controversy and also what the company’s policies are with regards to the iPhone slowdown.

He also asked how Apple is going about tracking customer complaints, and whether or not they will be looking into giving customers rebates for those who might have paid full price for a battery replacement ahead of the discounted prices. The US government isn’t alone in seeking an explanation from Apple.

Over in France, a local activist group has filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that Apple had planned the obsolescence of older iPhones, which in the country is a crime.

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