Microsoft has stumbled with data collection on Windows 10. The company was ordered to stop tracking Windows 10 users by France in 2016 and the EU also expressed its concerns about data privacy. The company is now going to be a lot more transparent about the data that Windows 10 sends back. It’s going to provide a new tool that lets users keep an eye on the data that’s being sent to Microsoft by their Windows 10 machine.

Like other software companies, Microsoft collects a variety of anonymous data from its OS to help improve the experience and develop new features. Windows 10 encrypts the data before it’s sent to Microsoft’s servers

Windows 10 Insiders will be able to use a new tool called Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer starting this week. The tool will let them see what data is being sent to Microsoft’s servers by Windows 10.

Data that is usually sent back includes configuration options, device connectivity, performance data, installed apps, and more. Users will be able to access a granular level of detail and really dig into what’s being sent back.

The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer is separate from the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard that lets users see, search and take action with their diagnostic data. Microsoft has also updated the Privacy Dashboard with a new Activity History page that will provide a clear and easy way to see the data that’s associated with a user’s Microsoft account.

Windows Insiders will be able to try out this new functionality before it’s rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

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