YouTube’s initial response to YouTuber Logan Paul’s video was met with a lot of criticism due to their passive approach to the controversy. This prompted YouTube to take more active steps in addressing the problem, one of which was to cut the YouTuber from the platform’s Preferred Program.

However it seems that this is only the beginning because according to Bloomberg, YouTube is now looking to take more active measures in ensuring that this never happens again, and one of those ways is to go after content creators who might have similar offensive content that might have escaped their attention.

The report claims that YouTube is looking to review its popular channels for potentially offensive content. This is said to involve the use of both human moderators as well as the use of AI to help search and flag videos that might be deemed inappropriate. YouTube has come under fire in recent times for allowing rather disturbing videos to exist on its platform which somehow have managed to escape their attention and filters.

In a statement by a spokeswoman for Alphabet (YouTube’s parent company), “We built Google Preferred to help our customers easily reach YouTube’s most passionate audiences and we’ve seen strong traction in the last year with a record number of brands. As we said recently, we are discussing and seeking feedback from our brand partners on ways to offer them even more assurances for what they buy in the Upfronts.”

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