Following the controversy surrounding YouTuber Logan Paul and his series of videos in Japan, in which some called him insensitive and racist amongst other things, YouTube has announced their plans to step up their efforts to prevent something like this from happening again. Now BuzzFeed News is reporting more on their efforts.


Dubbed the “Intelligence Desk”, this will involved a multi-pronged effort at early detection of such videos. Basically YouTube wants to try and catch these videos early before they get out of hand. This will involve a variety of methods including the use of Google data, user reports, social media trends, and also third-party consultants.

In a statement confirming “Intelligence Desk”, YouTube told BuzzFeed News, “As we outlined in a blog in December, we’re expanding our work against bad actors trying to abuse our platform. This includes hiring more people working to address potentially violative content and increasing our use of machine learning technology. We can confirm that part of those efforts will include assembling new teams dedicated to protecting our platform against emerging trends and threats.”

YouTube has been criticized multiple times in the past over how they police questionable content. Some claim that YouTube doesn’t do enough to punish creators who step out of line, and YouTube has since responded by changing up its policies and practices, where one of those changes include using more human moderators to try and review content.

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