While it was the right thing for Apple to admit that they were indeed slowing down iPhones in a previous update, we suppose it also did not come as a surprise that they were subsequently hit with lawsuits following that admission. There were a couple of class action lawsuits that took place after the announcement, but that number has since ballooned.

According to reports, it appears that Apple is facing 59 class action lawsuits in the US alone, and additional lawsuits have since been filed against the company in other parts of the world as well. While we can’t speak for other countries, the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has stated that they will consider consolidating the lawsuits that are taking place in the US.

We suppose this should be expect given the sheer number of lawsuits filed against Apple since, and exactly what will become of this remains to be seen. The complaints are varied, with some accusing of Apple intentionally slowing down iPhones to trick customers into upgrading, while  others are saying that Apple knew about the battery problem but did nothing to fix it.

What Apple has done so far to mitigate the fallout from their admission is launch a battery replacement program. They have reduced the price of battery replacements for eligible handsets from $79 to $29. However it seems that there might have been more demand than Apple anticipated as iPhone 6 Plus owners will have to wait possibly until April before they get their replacements.

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