Apple’s first smart speaker is now available for purchase


and if you’re planning to buy one, keep in mind that it’s going to cost you money to get the non-removable cable repaired should it get damaged. According to a new report, the company is going to charge customers $29 for a HomePod damaged cable repair.

An internal memo meant for store employees and authorized service providers reportedly sent by Apple informs them that repairs may be performed in some instances for damaged or detached HomePod cables. The company does mention in the memo that it’s going to be a “rare instance” for users to encounter a damaged or detached HomePod cable.

Apple has issued documentation to employees at its retail stores and authorized service providers to diagnose the issue and perform the repair. Each unit will have to pass the company’s Visual Mechanical Inspection to ensure that the HomePod doesn’t have any other problems and that it doesn’t seem to have been intentionally damaged by the customer.

The Apple HomePod damaged cable repair won’t actually be performed by store employees or service providers. Units that meet the criteria for a repair will be sent to Apple’s local repair facilities. The repairs aren’t covered under AppleCare+ and eligible customers will have to pay $29 for them.

This appears to be the only hardware repair that Apple will perform for the HomePod with all other issues either requiring a full replacement under warranty or an out-of-warranty cost of $279 to the customer.

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