Apple To Launch Its HomePod In China & Hong Kong Early 2019

Apple’s HomePod is the company’s take on the smart speaker which other companies such as Google and Amazon have helped to popularize. Unfortunately the availability of the HomePod is somewhat limited, meaning that Apple’s reach isn’t quite as long as they would like. However it seems that is set to change in 2019.

Apple Now Selling Refurbished HomePods

As far as smart speakers are concerned, Apple’s HomePods are priced at the higher-end side of things, which isn’t surprising considering that Apple products are usually priced at a premium. However if you are hoping to get your hands on the HomePod but don’t want to pay full price, you’re in luck.

Apple’s HomePod Accounts For 4% Of The Smart Speaker Market

Apple’s HomePod is the company’s attempt to break into the smart speaker market that seems to be largely dominated by Amazon and Google. Now Apple has had success in the past in terms of disrupting the market, but it seems that the smart speaker market is one that Apple could be struggling in.

HomePod Is Reportedly Dominating The Premium Smart Speaker Market

When Apple announced the HomePod, they priced it above what most smart speakers were priced at the moment. According to Apple, they claimed that the HomePod wasn’t so much a smart speaker but a set of really good speakers. We’re sure that many are wondering how its doing, and it turns out they’re doing pretty well.


New Apple HomePod Launch Reportedly Due In 2019

Apple made its entry into the crowded smart speaker arena with the HomePod. It’s a bit different from other speakers powered by virtual assistants as the company focused more on providing a high-end audio experience, which is why it’s much more expensive than the Amazon Echo Dots of the world. According to a new report, Apple will launch a new HomePod speaker next year.

Siri Multi-User Support Possibly Being Developed

Apple might be working on multi-user support for Siri, its digital personal assistant, if a new patent approval for the company is any indication. Apple has been granted a patent which details how a voice recognition system will be able to identify users based on their speech and then perform tasks by responding to their respective commands. It would vastly improve the Siri experience on devices like the HomePod speaker.

Apple Has Reportedly Sold 3 Million HomePods In The US

Compared to the competition, Apple’s HomePods are more expensive. They also don’t seem as robust in terms of smart features compared to the others as well, although we suppose this is more of a limitation of Siri than the speakers themselves. However Apple has always insisted that the HomePod is a speaker first, although admittedly it’s hard not to compare.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Confirms HomePod’s Ability To Make Phone Calls

A report from earlier this month revealed that in a private beta testing of HomePod OS 12, it was discovered that Apple could be getting ready to launch a feature for the HomePod in which it would support making phone calls. For those wondering about it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the reports were true.

HomePod OS 12 Private Beta Reveals New Siri Features

With Amazon’s Alexa and Echo speakers touting a ton of functionality across various connected objects, one of the main criticisms of Apple’s HomePod is that it seems to be lacking in the “smarts” department. To be fair Apple has marketed the speaker as being more audio-focused, but given that it houses Siri, it’s hard not to draw the comparisons.

Sonos Open To The Idea Of Integrating Siri Into Its Speakers

We know that Sonos has integrated Alexa into its speakers and that’s largely thanks to Amazon who decided right out of the gate that they would make Alexa available to third-party developers and companies. However not everyone likes or wants to use Alexa as some might prefer Google Assistant or even Siri.

HomePod Launching In Canada, France, Germany Next Month

It probably goes without saying that Apple will eventually launch HomePod in markets all around the world that they operate in, but more recently we have heard that the company could be gearing up to launch it in France and Germany. For those living in those countries, you’re in luck as Apple has announced the HomePod’s official release date.

Siri Could Be Getting New Voice Options At WWDC 2018

With WWDC 2018 coming up in a few weeks, we’re sure many are wondering what Apple could announce at the event. While we suppose we can expect to learn more about new major updates to iOS and macOS, it seems that Siri could be getting some new features as well, namely more voice options.

Apple May Launch Cheaper, Beats-Branded HomePod For $199

Apple jumped on the smart speaker bandwagon not too long ago with the HomePod. It costs $350 and is quite a bit expensive than the other smart speakers but the company has sought to align the product with the Sonos’ of the world and not the Amazon Echos, in that it’s charging a premium for a better audio experience. However, if a new report is to be believed, the company […]

Apple Reportedly Sold 600,000 HomePods During Q1 2018

Just like how the Apple Watch is one of the more expensive wearables in the market today, so was the HomePod which at $350 makes it pricier than other smart speakers in the market. However unlike the Apple Watch which seems to be selling pretty well, the HomePod isn’t doing as hot and according to the latest figures, has only managed to sell 600,000 units to date.