The other day, we cautioned HomePod owners that maybe they should pass on installing the latest software beta for the speakers. This is because according to reports, some HomePod devices were apparently overheating following the update. This is one of the reasons why sometimes beta software shouldn’t be used on your primary devices.

That being said, it seems that even the public release software is causing issues as well. According to a report from 9to5Mac, they have received a tip from one of their readers in which apparently the latest 14.6 software for the HomePod could cause the speakers to brick in some configurations.

According to their reader, “I have two Homepods, I got one 18 months ago and another one two months ago. Both were stereo paired and on 14.6 and the oldest one suddenly died. Apple Support did not help with I’m six months out of warranty and I was basically told to just go get a new one.”

We’re not sure how widespread of a problem this is but it is worrying that it can happen. Also, given that Apple has officially discontinued the original HomePod, it means that users who want to replace it won’t be able to, unless they don’t mind getting the HomePod mini as an alternative. Hopefully Apple is aware of the situation and we can expect a fix soon.

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