With there being so many mobile payment platforms to choose from, it’s safe to say that users are kind of spoilt for choice. Not to mention there are some retailers who refuse to cater to any of the existing platforms and instead choose to create their own mobile payments solution. Then there are also tech companies who would rather keep their payments systems exclusive to their own devices.

Safe to say that this has resulted in a rather fragmented market, but as far as Apple Pay is concern, how is its adoption amongst Apple users? According to the numbers by Gene Munster’s Loup Ventures (via MacRumors), it seems that Apple Pay is currently being used by 16% of active iPhones worldwide.

Now some might see 16% as rather low, but when you consider that around the world there are an estimated 795 million active iPhones, 16% means that there are around 127 million iPhone users around the world who are using Apple Pay, or who have at the very least activated the service on their devices.

Breaking this down further, Loup Ventures found that 5% of these users are based in the US alone, while another 11% are international users. Also take note that since Apple Pay isn’t available worldwide just yet, and with some markets resisting, 16% isn’t too shabby and we expect those numbers to rise once it begins rolling out to more countries.

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