Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 has not see any major new content since The Frozen Throne expansion back in 2003. This means that the franchise has more or less been dormant for the past 15 years or so, but could Blizzard be looking to bring it back? That’s what many are speculating at the moment, at least according to some reports.

In a post on (via Wowhead), it seems that several prominent professional Warcraft 3 players have been trying to apply for visas to the US. Apparently Blizzard is said to be hosting a special offline event at the end of the month, and while details are mum, the number of Warcraft 3 players invited has led to speculation that it might be related to the franchise.

There have been some rumors and speculation that Blizzard could be looking to remaster some of their older titles, especially given that the developer just last year released StarCraft Remastered. However the company shot down rumors that Warcraft 3 was on the list of games that are being remastered.

However this also leaves the door open to the potential that maybe, just maybe, Warcraft 4 could be in the works instead. Of course this is all just speculation for now, but if you love the Warcraft franchise and would love to see Blizzard return to it, check back with us in the coming weeks as hopefully more (official) details will be shared then.

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