Twitter first talked about its Bookmarks feature last year when it started testing the feature. It lets users privately save tweets for later without having to engage with them. The only way to save tweets for later previously was to “like” them by tapping on the heart icon. This let the poster know that you had engaged with their tweet and may even convey the impression that you actually liked it. Bookmarks eliminates the need to engage with tweets just because you want to save them for later.

The big difference between Bookmarks and the heart button is that with the former, it’s only you who knows what tweets have been saved for later. The account that posted that particular tweet doesn’t know which of their tweets have been bookmarked by which user.

Users will now see a new share icon on every tweet which will let them bookmark a tweet, share it via Direct Message or share it off of Twitter in different ways. Users can easily bookmark tweets by tapping on this icon and selecting “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.” Tweets can be removed from Bookmarks at any time.

The Bookmarks is now being rolled out globally on Twitter for iOS, Android, desktop, and mobile.

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