Back in 2016, DJI unveiled their Mavic Pro drone, which a year later they followed up  by launching a new Mavic Pro Platinum version. Now it looks like the “true” successor to the Mavic Pro could be coming soon, according to a post on the DJI forums (via Photo Rumors) in which they are claiming that the Mavic Pro 2 could be launched as soon as this March.

At this point in time it is unclear as to what the Mavic Pro 2 could bring to the table. Presumably we could be looking at a potentially lighter build, maybe faster top speeds, or maybe longer flight times. DJI did attempt to address some of this with the Mavic Pro Platinum in which what set it apart from the regular Mavic Pro was its increased flight time and also reduced noise during operations.

We doubt that DJI would actually take a step backwards with the Mavic Pro 2, so perhaps (and hopefully) the drone will come with some of the Mavic Pro Platinum’s features, except that it has been improved upon. Of course the only downside to the Mavic Pro is that it is a pretty big drone, at least compared to the DJI Spark.

However last month the company launched the DJI Mavic Air which seems to be a happy middle in terms of size, and could be worth looking at if you can’t wait for the Mavic Pro 2 to be announced, which has yet to be confirmed.

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