Given how many developers seemed to have avoided the Wii U like the plague back in the day, many are probably hoping that this won’t be the case for the Nintendo Switch. For the most part this seems to be true as many developers are releasing games on the Switch alongside other consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

Unfortunately for gamers looking forward to EA’s Burnout Paradise Remastered, don’t hold your breath because when asked about whether or not the game would arrive for the Switch, an EA rep told Polygon that they had nothing to announce. The rep was quoted as saying, “As for Switch, we have nothing to announce there.”

Note that the rep does not outright claim that there will no Switch version of the game, it’s just that perhaps EA is waiting to see the response for the game before deciding whether or not it will be worth the resources to bring the game onto Nintendo’s console. The game is currently set for a release on the 16th of March where it will race its way onto consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. PC gamers can also expect a copy of the game later in the year.

As for Switch gamers, we guess you guys will just have to keep your fingers crossed and hope that EA has a change of heart later on.

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