Apple launches new iPhones in the fall every year and already we’re hearing rumors and reports about what we can expect from the 2018 iPhones. If a new report out of South Korea is to be believed, all 2018 iPhones will have the Face ID feature that the company introduced with the iPhone X last year. This means that even the iPhone 9 might tout this facial recognition feature.

Face ID is one of the several features that are only offered by the iPhone X at this point in time. There’s a complex camera setup in the front, hidden underneath the infamous notch, which powers the Face ID feature.

If the report is accurate then perhaps the notch is going to be present on the iPhone 9 as well. As far as the notch on the iPhone X is concerned, a different report claims that the notch on the 2018 iPhone X is going to be slimmer than it is on the existing model. It’s not like this isn’t expected already, many expect the notch to be shrunk for the next-generation iPhone X.

It remains to be seen, though, if the complex TrueDepth camera system will be what powers Face ID on the iPhone 9 or if Apple would decide against introducing the notch on this model and would just opt for a less complex implementation of Face ID that just relies on the front-facing camera and an advanced algorithm.

Since we still have a long wait before the 2018 iPhones become official, take all of this information with a healthy dose of salt, we’re likely going to hear conflicting reports in the coming months because that’s just how the rumor mill functions.

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