Facebook’s status update feature has evolved over the years, where previously it used to be where people would post the most inane of things. While we suppose people still do that from time to time, like we said, the feature has evolved and according to a report from TechCrunch, Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Lists”.


As the name implies this is a very straightforward feature, where users can now post a list of things as a status update. Prior to this users could create lists, albeit they had to be creative about creating them, but with this feature it has become a whole lot easier, plus it stands out a more thanks to the gradient backgrounds that users can attach to it.

These lists can be used for all sorts of things, such as creating a list of New Year resolutions or goals, or perhaps a wishlist of places you want to travel, or maybe even a wishlist of things you want to buy, and so on. Like we said, this is just the latest update to the status feature that Facebook has introduced in recent times.

Previously Facebook had introduced other features such as adding background options to status updates. They also allowed users to create polls, and also allowed users to attach emotions or activities to their updates. The “Lists” feature is expected to roll out to a subset of users starting today, and should eventually find its way to more users in the future.

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