Last year Google announced that Google Assistant would be getting a “Routines” feature, and the good news is that in an announcement on its website, Google has confirmed that starting next week users will be able to use the feature with six routines to start them out with if they have any devices (like smartphones or Google Home) that have Google Assistant on it.


For those unfamiliar with Routines, like we said this was a feature announced last year and is basically also known as “macros” if you’re looking for a more general term. These are essentially a series of commands that have been grouped together that can all be activated with a single command.

According to Google, “For example, say ‘Hey Google, I’m home’ and the Assistant on your Google Home or phone can turn on the lights, share any home reminders, play your favorite music and more, all with just four words.” In a way apps such as IFTTT can also pull off similar tricks, but Routines would be a more official version.

In addition to Routines, Google has also announced that Google Assistant will be getting location-based reminders that can be created via devices like the Google Home. Prior to this location-based reminders could already be created, but if you don’t have your phone on you all the time but have Google Home (assuming your phone and speakers are linked to the same account), you can create those reminders as well.

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