We know that there were some gamers who were surprised (in a good way, we hope) when DOOM was brought onto the Nintendo Switch. However for those hoping to see older Doom titles arrive for the Switch, it seems that hackers are hard at work trying to get older copies of the games onto the console.

In fact there has been some progress because according to the folks at iodoom3 (via Kotaku), they have managed to Doom 3 up and running on the Switch. This is possible in part thanks to id Software releasing the source code to Doom 3 back in 2011. However it is unclear as to how they will get older Doom titles up and running on the console, but it seems that Doom 3 has been successfully ported, or at least somewhat.

Recently hackers have shown that they have managed to successfully break into the Nintendo Switch, where a video surfaced showing off the Switch running Linux, essentially turning the console into a Linux tablet of sorts. However the exact methods that these hackers have used is still a mystery as the information has yet to be shared, although given that this also means that there is potential of piracy, we doubt that Nintendo is too thrilled about all these hacks that are happening.

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