Nintendo Switch has proven to be a massive hit for Nintendo so it’s not surprising to see that many game developers are flocking to the console. However, you can count Blizzard out as far as Hearthstone is concerned. The company has revealed that it’s not working on Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch which means that those who have been keeping their fingers crossed for it can now let go of the idea.

It was first rumored last year that Blizzard was working on a Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch port. It didn’t seem impossible given the nature of this game and the portable nature of the Switch platform. It felt like the two would have been a perfect fit.

Blizzard hasn’t said officially so far if it’s going to add support for the Nintendo Switch to this title but game designer Dean Ayala confirmed at a recent event that Blizzard is not working on a Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch port.

“There are no plans to move Hearthstone to the Nintendo Switch” came the categorical reply from Ayala when he was asked if the developer was thinking about bringing this game over to the Switch.

It merits mentioning here, though, that it’s not like Blizzard is particularly opposed to the Nintendo Switch. It hasn’t expanded this game beyond PC and mobile ever since it was released and it doesn’t seem to be interested in doing at all right now.

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