As you might have heard, Hulu is the first video streaming service to launch on the Nintendo Switch, although we wouldn’t be surprised if others were to be added at a later date. Now one of the features of Hulu is Live TV and in an announcement by the company on Reddit, they are now testing out 60fps streams for the feature.

According to Hulu, “By offering our live streams at this frame rate, our goal is to provide a significantly more immersive viewing experience for Live TV. You’ll notice the difference most when watching sports or news, so we’re excited to have this in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics and March Madness (NBC and Turner channels, respectively).”

However Hulu also notes that due to the dependencies required to enable 60fps, they will be rolling out the feature in phases, which means that not all channels will be getting the 60fps treatment just yet. However for the most part, the major channels will be getting it first, such as CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, SHOWTIME, half of Hulu’s available Fox affiliates, and so on.

This is obviously not just limited to the Nintendo Switch, but it is something that Nintendo Switch gamers can take advantage of if they have Hulu downloaded and subscribed to on their console.

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