According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, he promised that a future iOS update would allow users to disable the throttling of their phones and restore it back to its former performance levels. For those wondering if these claims are true, iHelpBR’s Filipe Esposito ran some benchmarks which proved to be accurate.

According to his benchmark scores, his phone based on the current version of iOS has single-core performance at 1,306 and a multi-core performance score of 2,247. However after disabling throttling via the iOS 11.3 update, the scores jumped to 1,510 and 2,621 respectively, although note that iOS 11.3 is still in beta which means that the final release could potentially yield different results.

However the differences at the moment are encouraging as it shows quite a notable difference in terms of benchmark scores. Exactly how will this affect your real-world usage remains to be seen, but at least on paper changes are being made. Of course the downside is that if your battery is severely degraded, disabling throttling could result in your phone shutting itself unexpectedly.

In addition to allowing throttling to be disabled, the update will also introduce a “Battery Health” feature which lets users know the state of their battey’s health. No word on when iOS 11.3 will be released, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

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