These days it has become more common to see performers, whether it be musicians or theater, ban phones from their shows. This is because pretty much every phone comes with a camera these days, and there also seems to be an increasing amount of people who would much rather record a show with their phone rather than be “in the moment”.


The latest to join the lineup of performers to ban cameras at their shows is rapper Kendrick Lamar, in which for his European concert tour, he will not be allowing any cameras at the event. This also seems to be extending to professional photographers, meaning that you can’t even expect to see any official images from his European concert.

It has been noted that Lamar did previously allow some professional photographers on his North American tour, but that seems to have been the extent of it. The move also appears to be both an artistic one and a business one, where without the distraction of phones or cameras, concertgoers will be able to enjoy the show as it was meant to be enjoyed.

It also means that since no one outside the concert gets to see what’s going on, they might be prompted to purchase tickets to watch it themselves, thus potentially spurring ticket sales.

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