When Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year, there was also a surprise announcement made by Nintendo in which they revealed that Apple’s iOS devices would be the first to get Super Mario Run, a game based on the Mario franchise which has been designed for mobile, a first for Nintendo at bringing Mario onto phones.

Unfortunately it seems that a little over a year later, Super Mario Run isn’t making Nintendo as rich as they would like. During Nintendo’s financial earnings report, the company has revealed that Super Mario Run has managed to hit 200 million downloads since its release, a jump of 50 million since we last checked earlier this year.

However like we said, despite the number of downloads, Super Mario Run isn’t quite the cash cow that Nintendo probably was hoping for as they claim that the game has yet to hit an “acceptable profit point”. “Although we have not yet reached an acceptable profit point, we have learned a lot in terms of game development and deployment that we want to take advantage of moving forward.”

Super Mario Run is available on iOS and Android devices where gamers get to play the first few levels for free, after which they will have to pay a flat fee of $10 to unlock everything else. While the gameplay of Super Mario Run has been relatively well-received, many gamers do not seem to be too thrilled about its $10 price tag, although we have to wonder if the recent temporary price cut did the game any favors in terms of revenue.

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