Smart speakers appear to be the trend these days and we’ve seen many major tech companies try their hand at it, such as Google with the Google Home and more recently Apple with the HomePod, although admittedly this is all thanks to Amazon who helped kick off this trend with the launch of the Echo.

That being said while smart speakers are trending and with one in six Americans owning such a device, are users satisfied with them? They seem to be, or at least that’s according to a recent survey conducted by Gene Munster’s Loup Ventures (via AppleInsider) in which they found that smart speaker satisfaction rates were at a pretty high level of 89%.

They also found that the Amazon Echo is currently dominating the market with a market share of 55%, followed by Google with the Google Home at 23%, and interestingly enough Cortana is at a decent 15%. Apple’s HomePod is currently sitting at 3%, but given that it was only just launched we guess only time will tell if Apple has what it takes to play catchup.

Also what’s interesting is that despite smart speakers like the Echo having access to hundreds, if not thousands of Alexa “skills”, the survey found that music is what most people used their speakers for, followed by the weather and general questions. Smart home control was only at around 10-11%.

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