The other day it was reported that Blizzard had apparently invited several prominent professional Warcraft 3 players to a special event in the US. Clearly this was Warcraft-related, with speculation being that Blizzard might have something new to announce, like a new title in the Warcraft franchise.

However that isn’t the case, or at least that’s not what Blizzard is saying. Instead it seems that the company has announced that they will be hosting a Warcraft 3 tournament in celebration of a major patch that will be released for the game. This tournament will take place from the 27th to the 28th of February and will bring together well-known Warcraft 3 players from around the world.

According to Blizzard, “Hosted by casters Neo and Remo of Back2Warcraft, join us on February 27 and February 28 on Twitch for a slew of special events, including Free-for-All, 4v4’s, and other friendly competitions. Well-known Warcraft III competitors from around the world will be getting together live at Blizzard HQ to showcase their talents in friendly competition!”

Now it does seem strange that Blizzard has a major patch planned for the game, a game that is about 15 years old. For the most part the comments in the forum have been mostly positive, with many players seemingly thrilled at the prospect of seeing some of their favorite Warcraft 3 competitors back in the scene again. Others seem to be a bit confused as to why Blizzard is trying to revitalize the franchise now, leading to speculation that perhaps this could be a build-up to an announcement for a remaster or maybe even Warcraft 4.

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