A lot of criticism leveled at YouTube these days isn’t so much about the questionable content that has been uploaded onto its platform, but rather it is the way the company handles these controversies. More often than not it feels like YouTube’s reactions are after the fact, rather than trying to be preventive.


Also the time it took for YouTube to respond to the Logan Paul controversy did not do them any favors. The company has since responded by coming up with ways to deal with the problem in the future, and recently in a blog post penned by YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki, harsher punishments could also be part of the platform’s plan to hopefully discourage such creators and content in the future.

According to Wojcicki, “And we’re also currently developing policies that would lead to consequences if a creator does something egregious that causes significant harm to our community as a whole. While these instances are rare, they can damage the reputation and revenue of your fellow creators, so we want to make sure we have policies in place that allow us to respond appropriately.”

The post also talks about YouTube’s plan for 2018, which includes help people find more ways to engage with videos, and also to deal with handling demonetization and appeals, which YouTube admits could be more efficient.

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