Nobody likes a cheater, but there are also many ways in which one can address the problem. You could go strict, harsh, or in the case of 13-year old Vivian’s dad, he decided that a little humor mixed with a teachable moment was a good way to remind his daughter that cheating isn’t cool.

Vivian has been working on her portfolio for the past decade or so in an attempt to get into Booker T. Washington High School, a magnet school for art. Naturally with so many years put into her getting in, there was a lot of anticipation when a letter from the school arrived, except that it wasn’t really the letter from the school, but a fake letter printed by her dad.

In the video above, you can see Vivian opening the letter and coming close to tears when she found out she wasn’t getting into the school, but upon closer inspection of the letter, which pointed out how she cheated in Mario Kart by unpausing the game when her opponent was out of the room, she realized that it was a joke by her dad.

There is a happy ending because Vivian did get into the school as revealed by her dad once the prank had been concluded. Hopefully this feeling of shock/disappointment is a good reminder that everything we do in life has consequences, something that Vivian will hopefully carry into high school and beyond, but regardless it was still a pretty funny prank!

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