These days it’s all about streamlining, where why have multiple gadgets when one will suffice, right? This is a concept that many companies like Apple are aiming for, where our smartphones can play music, surf the internet, act as a communications tool, and also store credit card and loyalty card information.


Now it seems that over in Delaware, the state has launched a pilot program where they are seeing if mobile driver licenses are feasible. Given that physical licenses can be lost or stolen, having a mobile version certainly cuts down on that possibility, although we suppose you could have your phone stolen too.

However the upside is that because our phones are designed to be secure, having a mobile driver license means that only you and law enforcement officials will be able to view it, versus a physical card where anyone who opens up your wallet can take a peek at your personal information.

As it stands this is a pilot program as the goal is to find out whether or not our phones will be secure enough to implement such a scheme. This is because not all phones were created equal, where higher-end devices tend to offer more security features, like iris-scanning or facial recognition. This is also not the first time that we’re seeing a state consider turning our driver licenses mobile, where a few years ago Iowa also made similar considerations.

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