The problem with most cameras that come integrated with drones is that you’re pretty much stuck with what the manufacturer decides to stick on it. This means that while the drone itself might be good, the camera might not be as good, which in some cases leaves customers with a hard decision to make.

However DJI could be looking to change that because in a couple of leaked photos that have made their way online (via PhotoRumors), it seems that the upcoming Phantom 5 drone from DJI could come with a mounting system that lets photographers change lenses on the drone. However according to the tweet, DJI is claiming that this is apparently a custom machine which means that it might not necessarily be an accurate representation of the real drone.

However if the photos are real, we can only imagine the possibilities that come with a drone with an interchangeable lens system. This means that photographers will have more freedom in what they can capture and how they can capture it, where they can also choose to equip “fast” lenses with wider apertures, or zoom lenses, and so on.

Unfortunately we can’t be sure what kind of camera mount it will use and whether or not it will be compatible with existing camera lenses, or if DJI plans on launching their own series of lenses. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, and hopefully DJI will have an official announcement soon where the details will be revealed.

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