Skiing or snowboarding looks like they might be easy. After all it is letting gravity guide you down a slope, right? However for anyone who’s tried to pick up either sport, you probably know just how tiring it is as there is a lot more control than you think. It can also place an incredible amount of stress on your knees.

However the folks at Roam Robotics have recently taken the wraps off what appears to be a robotic exoskeleton designed for skiers where it will help take some of the stress off. The sensors built into the exoskeleton will be able to determine your intent, and with the built-in air bladders and actuators, will help tweak the torque in your knees to give you that extra boost without the extra stress.

The device was designed for the elderly in mind who might still enjoy skiing but don’t enjoy the physical stress that it places on their bodies. However it can also be used by ski enthusiasts who might have difficulty with certain turns, or it can basically help skiers stay on the slopes longer as it is less physically draining.

Unfortunately Roam’s exoskeleton does not come cheap as it is expected to be priced between $2,000 to $2,500, which means that it’s probably aimed more towards the enthusiast rather than the casual/occasional skier.

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