Facebook wants a piece of the online gameplay streaming market that is largely dominated by Twitch and YouTube which is why the world’s largest social network has announced the launch of its new Games SDK for PC today. It has already been leading up to this announcement as Facebook has previously tested gameplay live streams for games like Overwatch. The social network has now announced direct live streaming from PC games to Facebook as well as in-game rewards for those who tune in.


Facebook announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today that it will now enable PC games to stream live to Facebook and even offer in-game rewards for spectators. It has released a new Games SDK for PC which is focused on these new live streaming features.

It’s not just limiting this to PC games. Facebook has also confirmed that it’s going to release a new live streaming API for mobile developers in the following weeks. They can expect to release the updated mobile SDK in the not too distant future.

This software development kit will make it possible for gamers to add Facebook streaming functionality into their titles. With the functionality enabled, players will be able to stream gameplay directly to a Page, Profile or Group on the world’s largest social network within seconds.

The new rewards feature will allow developers to provide in-game rewards for viewers who tune into the live streams on Facebook. The rewards will help increase community interaction and give them an incentive to get back to playing the game themselves.

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