When it comes to video game streaming, Twitch is more or less the default platform that you probably think of, and to a certain extent YouTube Gaming as well. However it looks like Facebook wants to take both platforms on, and have recently announced a renewed focus towards live video game streams.

According to the social media giant’s announcement, they will be launching a new gamer creator pilot program aimed at video game streams. One of the features that will be part of this new pilot program is to allow gamers to stream their content in Full HD 1080p at a buttery smooth 60fps (of course this will also be dependent on the streamer’s hardware and internet).

Facebook has also announced that they want to help gamers monetize their streams. While they do not mention how this will be implemented, it sounds like they’re working on their own tipping system where viewers will be able to tip streamers directly, similar to what other platforms like Twitch are already offering.

Given that Facebook already offers users the ability to live stream videos, it’s not surprising that some have taken advantage of this to stream games as well. Facebook cites streamer StoneMountain64 as being one of their most popular streamers with over a million followers.

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