Streaming video games used to be something that was scoffed at. After all wouldn’t it be better to play the game rather than watch someone else play it? Clearly that has changed over the years, and in fact if there is evidence to prove that gaming videos are here to stay, Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale might have done just that.

In a tweet by Ryan Wyatt who leads YouTube Gaming, he claims that Fortnite has managed to set the record for having the most gaming video uploads on YouTube in a single month. His tweet doesn’t mention exactly how many videos we are talking about, but it clearly has made an impact.

His tweet also mentions the Fortnite tournament that had 42 million live videos, and holds the record for concurrent views at 1.1 million. While Fortnite isn’t a new game per se, its release on mobile has no doubt generated a ton of buzz. The game is said to have raked in $1.5 million in its first four days of release on iOS, and this is not counting the fact that it has yet to be released on Android.

We expect the game will get even more popular as time goes on and we can also probably look forward to more gaming videos, especially with Epic fast-tracking live recording features.

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