We know that many of us have probably set reminders on our phones, only to forget about them later. For example you might have set a reminder to pick up milk at the grocery store on your way home, but you forget. However the good news is that Google Home will change that with location-based reminders.

According to Google’s announcement, they will be introducing location-based reminders to Google Home/Google Assistant. This means that if you’re at home and you realize that you’re out of juice, you can just ask Google Home to remind you to pick up more juice when you’re at the supermarket.

This reminder will be saved to your phone and when it detects that you are at the supermarket, you will be reminded accordingly. This isn’t necessarily a groundbreaking feature or a new one, just that users now have the added convenience of using their voice to set their location-based reminders which might be more convenient, especially if you’re the type that tends to forget easily.

According to Engadget’s testing, they have discovered that users can be general in their reminds, like using terms like “grocery store” or just saying “Starbucks”, and the reminder will work when you’re at any Starbucks location. This is versus Siri which will prompt users to ask which Starbucks they want to be reminded at.

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