There’s a lot of excitement for the upcoming God of War title and Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica are plugging into that hype today with the release of two new God of War videos that highlight the title’s gameplay and combat mechanics. Fans of this franchise will certainly know that combat is one of the most important elements of God of War so they will certainly be interested to see what improvements have been made to this element.

Director Cory Barlog and Lead Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald are featured in the first video which is all about the new combat mechanics of God of War. The video goes into detail about the thought process behind the design as well. There’s a lot of gameplay footage from God of War running on a PlayStation 4 Pro in this video which is something that’s always welcomed by fans.

The second video highlights several sequences from the title while some members of the development detail talk more about the in-game systems and mechanics. It’s the longest video that has been released for this title so far and it provides a good look at the gameplay itself.

Expect Sony to hype up this title even further in the coming days. The new God of War game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it’s going to be released on April 20th.

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