Apple isn’t due to unveil its new iPhones until the second half of this year but we have already heard countless reports and rumors about the upcoming devices. The latest comes from RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani who predicts that the new iPhone X prices are going to start at $899. The iPhone X Plus, a larger model, is expected to command a $100 premium over its smaller sibling.

Daryanani’s bases his prediction on the argument that Apple has seen “limited success” with the iPhone X because of its $999 price point. It’s already the most expensive iPhone that Apple has ever sold and many other reports have also suggested that price might be a factor behind sluggish sales.

He feels that if Apple lowers the new iPhone X price by $100, it would help the company bring in more customers. Apple’s rumored 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus is predicted to cost $100 more which means that it will fill the $999 price point vacated by the 5.8 inch iPhone X.

Despite countless reports about the iPhone X’s performance in the market, Apple hasn’t really said whether or not sales of its new flagship have exceeded or failed to meet its expectations. Nevertheless, there have already been many reports about a price cut for next year’s iPhone X and this particular strategy would make sense for Apple is the company wanted to trim the margins for more sales. Whether or not this will actually happen won’t really be known for sure until the second half of this year.

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