Imagine the anticipation of buying a brand new phone that you’ve waited for a week to arrive and you can’t wait to use it, only that you can’t because for some reason, you’ve been shipped the wrong SIM card. Turns out that’s exactly what some Samsung Galaxy S9 customers are experiencing.

According to a bunch of user reports, some Samsung customers who ordered the Sprint Galaxy S9 are being shipped handsets with a Verizon SIM instead. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if Samsung handled it better because according to various users on Reddit, it appears that Samsung is backed up and customers are being told they might have to wait up to a week to get a replacement SIM.

One user even claims that a Samsung rep told them to just “eat the $30”, which is the cost of a new SIM that users would have to pay if they were to head to a Sprint store themselves, which is pretty unprofessional. However on the upside it seems that there are some users who are getting much better service, based on this email that Samsung Mobile US sent in which they have shipped out the correct SIM to some users via FedEx which should arrive the next day.

At the moment it appears that this issue seems to only affect Sprint customers as there are no reports of other carrier customers who are getting the wrong SIM.

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