About a month ago, Stardew Valley’s developer announced that development on the multiplayer aspect of the game was progressing nicely, and that the next step would be to launch the feature as part of QA testing. The good news is that it looks like we’re one step closer to it being released.

This is according to a tweet by Stardew Valley’s developer ConcernedApe in which he revealed that multiplayer had entered in the QA testing phase and that bugs are being fixed at a “very good pace”. It is unclear as to when the multiplayer feature will be released, but like we said we’re one step closer to seeing that made a reality.

Stardew Valley for those unfamiliar is a farming sim similar to games like Harvest Moon. It is one of the more popular indie games in modern times and has been largely single-player until now. Multiplayer will allow friends to play with each other where they can work together and even get together and get married in the game, like you would an NPC.

In addition to multiplayer, Stardew Valley is also expected to get new single-player content, which should be very much welcome considering how long the game has been in existence, meaning that players would have probably done all that they can do by now.

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