Earlier this year Strava’s heat map feature was found to have potentially revealed the location of military bases. Following this, Strava announced that they would be working on introducing more privacy related tools and features. The good news is that if you were looking forward to those features, they have arrived.

Note that for the most part, there aren’t any new features per se. However Strava has updated its app where it will make it easier for users to opt out of its heat map feature. Prior to this, users could opt out of being tracked, except that trying to find the option was several menu layers deep, which means that some users might not even know about it at all.

With the update, the opt out feature for the heat map can now be found on the first page of the privacy settings menu. However it seems that Strava is still making it an opt out feature rather than opt in, which for those unfamiliar means that it will come enabled by default, meaning that users who don’t want to be tracked will have to remember to disable it.

According to Strava, these changes have already been made available to all users in February, which means that if you do use the app, you should be able to check it out already.

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