Nintendo has recently confirmed that Super Smash Bros. will be coming to the Switch and mentioned that it is expected to arrive later this year. However the question is when in 2018? Could it be towards the end of the year? Or maybe earlier? Unfortunately it seems that there is a chance it could be in the second half of the year.


This is according to an announcement by Nintendo (via Game Rant) in which it was revealed that Nintendo will be hosting a competition during E3 2018 in which players will be able to try out Super Smash Bros. on the Switch. This seems to suggest that the game won’t be available before then, and with E3 2018 taking place in the middle of the year, we guess this means that Super Smash Bros. will be released after.

At the moment save for the teaser trailer that Nintendo released for the game, not much else is known about it. We know that the game will introduce new characters to the roster from the Splatoon franchise, but whether or not Super Smash Bros. will simply be an updated port of the Wii U version of the game, or if it could be a brand new title developed from ground up (we’re hoping it’s the latter).

However in the meantime it seems that Microsoft also wants in on Super Smash Bros. and has recently expressed their interest in letting the Banjo and Kazooie characters be part of the franchise.

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