When it comes to breaking news posted and shared on social media, sometimes publishers have to do this themselves by adding a “BREAKING” tag in their post. However we’ve seen how platforms like Facebook are testing out ways to help make that easier, and now it looks like Twitter could be following suit.


In a report from BuzzFeed News, Twitter has confirmed to the publication that they are experimenting with a new way of showing breaking news in tweets. This will rely on algorithms of news tweets and will promote breaking news at the top of the user’s feed to help make it more prominent and easily accessible by the user.

According to Twitter product VP Keith Coleman who released a statement to BuzzFeed News, “People come to Twitter to see and talk about what’s happening. We’re working on ways to make it easier for everyone to find relevant news and the surrounding conversation so they can stay informed about what matters to them.”

The system will use algorithms but during the test, humans will also be involved in the curation, however the company expects that this could be strictly algorithmic in the future. This would be an interesting approach considering that companies such as YouTube are actually planning on increasing their human moderators instead of relying solely on filters to help cut down on fake news and inappropriate videos.

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