The gun debate is something that we reckon will not be going away anytime soon, although it seems like tech companies have already taken a stance. Take for example YouTube where back in 2017, the platform banned videos that showed users how to modify their guns, but that’s not all.


According to a report from Motherboard, YouTube is further cracking down on gun videos where according to an updated policy, videos that sell firearms or provide links to sites that sell firearms will be banned. It reads, “Intends to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories through direct sales…or links to sites that sell these items.”

As you might note this also covers accessories which includes accessories that will allow a firearm to simulate automatic fire, or an accessory that can convert a firearm to do so, along with high capacity magazine kits. It will also see videos that teach people how to make their own firearms, ammunition, high capacity magazines, how to install said accessories or mods, banned.

Unsurprisingly YouTubers who have channels that are based around these topics aren’t too thrilled about the changes, with some expressing their frustration due to these rules seemingly coming out of the blue without giving creators a transitional period for them to modify existing videos or upcoming videos that have already been recorded and edited.

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