Smartphones these days, at least the higher-end models, are starting to include dual lens setups on the back of the phone. This is done to help achieve better quality photos and effects that might not necessarily be achievable via a single lens (although the Google Pixel 2 has proved to be an exception).

However it seems that come 2019, Apple’s iPhones might actually take it one step further by introducing a third camera on the back. This is according to a report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News who claims that the iPhone in 2019 will come with a triple lens setup. This is not a particularly common setup, although companies like Huawei have adopted the design with the Huawei P20.

Through a combination of all three cameras, the handset is said to be capable of snapping photos up to 40MP in resolution. Granted not everyone needs such a high resolution, but the option is there should users want to take advantage of it. It is unclear as to whether or not Apple’s iPhones could adopt a similar feature or if they have another use for it.

In any case it’s probably best taken with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Is a triple camera setup something you’d like to start seeing on more phones in the future?

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